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Scope of application of Martinno-Abrasives products definitely exceeds the scope of traditional abrasives products. The special feature of flexible abrasives materials with polyurethane binder is the ability to adapt to the workpiece without the risk of changing its geometry. The greatest advantage of using this type of tools is the possibility of obtaining a surface od roughness: Rz <1 um. The use of flexible tools is especially recommended where you cannot further improve the surface by conventional grinding tools.

They can be used instead of felt discs covered with a layer of abrasive material, lamellar discs, discs wrapped with abrasive paper and other polishing tools. In principle, the Martinno-Abrasives tools do not need to be leveled, they work evenly until they are completely worn out. They are characterized by high durability, they do not stain and do not pollute the premises. They do not produce high temperatures during operation. The tool surface can be easily profiled to the desired shape. Due to the elasticity of the binder, the grinding surface adapts to the shape of the work surface, providing uniform and precise polishing.

The flexible nature of deposition of the abrasive particles in the binder significantly reduces the traces left by the individual abrasive grains on the machined surface (microscratches), resulting in the desired machining effect and equal, homogeneous nature of surface, maintaining at the same time significant cutting capacity. The desired surface quality and aggressiveness of the tool can be obtained by selecting the appropriate binder, its hardness and grain size. The choice of working speed is also very important.

Mission of Martinno-Abrasives

We create tools that guarantee the highest quality standards. All Martinno-Abrasives products are created in Poland. The ingredients that are used for our production come from the best and most experienced companies in the industry. This gives us a guarantee of the highest quality of our products.
Our service: We have an efficient R & D department, which includes, among others, a factory laboratory of composite materials and chemical syntheses, where new projects are being developed. We also work with the best scientific institutions. Highly specialized staff will design the right product for your technology.

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We offer high quality elastic abrasives materials dedicated to the exact finishing of materials of all kinds. We have an efficient R & D department, which includes, among others, a factory laboratory of composite materials where permanent grinding endurance tests of all kinds are carried out, and a laboratory of chemical synthesis where new grinding wheels are being developed. We also work with the best scientific institutions in Poland. Highly specialized staff will design the best product for your technology, while the fully automated production line will meet your needs.

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